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Welcome to my Paraguayan world

Welcome to Simons Paraguay. This is where I keep all my tales of life in Paraguay. Through articles in the journal you will be able to discover the many aspects of Paraguay. Be it the land, the culture, the wildlife, the history, the people or anything else relating in some way to the country. Then additionally in the gallery, a collection of photographs from around the land.

And of course items about my life here. How I came to be in Paraguay and what it is like to live here.

Please do read on. I hope you enjoy my tales.

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A few of the many items awaiting discovery in the journal

Teaching in Paraguay

Once I had arrived in Paraguay I could get to grips with what I had come here to do, teaching children English. From the capital once everyone had caught their breaths we relocated 80km into the interior where the project was to be set up. The chosen location was the...

How I came to Paraguay

Relocating from England to Paraguay is probably neither the most common nor obvious way of moving abroad so it would help if I explained a little of how it came about. Back in the later part of the last century there I was filling the days working in an English bank....

Asuncion, Old Town vs. New Town

Asuncion, Old Town vs. New Town

Asuncion is the capital of Paraguay and it's principle city. The city consists of a large number of districts spread over a wide geographical area. Whilst individual districts are walkable there can be great distances between them. Transport such as a taxi or a bus is...

Where I make my home in the Paraguayan countryside

Where I make my home in the Paraguayan countryside

I have now been living in Paraguay for over 20 years. Throughout that time my home has been in the countryside. Before I describe where that is and what it is like I think some background is needed. When I first came out to Paraguay it was to teach English in a little...

So what is it like to live in Paraguay?

So what is it like to live in Paraguay?

So what is it like to live in Paraguay? That is a question that I am often asked. The answer in the most simple of terms is very pleasant. For anyone who is easy going, flexible and keen to get to know the local way of doing things it can be very rewarding. Even more...

A selection of Paraguayan views

A collection of images from around Paraguay